Just a heads up

Spring chart was updated to v6, just updating GJ-bu’s date, removing Locodol and adding Tenkai Knights.

Also, Free! S2 isn’t on the summer chart because it isn’t officially confirmed for summer even though there’s a good chance it will be, so stop mentioning that.

Spring / Summer status

So apparently, Sadondesu starting this spring was some sort of error, according to this. With that, there are 3 undated series. I’d prefer to wait it out, but thigns are sorta getting down to the wire so I will likely be releasing a new revision soon (if not tonight / tomorrow).

Summer chart: As there are already a substantial number of series confirmed (20ish), I will also likely release a v1 for summer soon.

Spring 2014 4.5

spring-2014-v4dot5A few points of note:
Sadon-desu presumably IS airing this season, according to this twitter account.
Next and final revision will have all dates.
Kenichi OVAs are airing on TV. I chose not to include it because it’s apparently a straight OVA to TV thing with no new scenes or anything.

Spring 2014 v4










Valkyria Chronicles 3 is fantastic so far. Literally the only issue I have with it is that it reuses maps from VC2, but I can overlook that. I know people will probably call me crazy and /or retarded but I think I actually like it more than VC1 at this point.