fall chart update, 2.0

chartAlso, a nifty idea I stole picked up from the Japanese: LQ version if you hate uploading 1MB+ images saying everything sucks every time. Get it here

-Background is lighter
-Box-y format
-Added DVD/BD extra section
-Added home movie release section

-Digimon Xros pt.2
-C^3 image changed
-Some slight description changes

-Kiss Dum OVA
-Kono Dashi, Uchujin etc

DVD/BD specials:
-Hourou Musuko episode 12
-KnT extra
-BakaTest spinoff
-Manyuu Hikenchou extra
-Rio extra
-Usagi Drop extra
-Loli in cheeseland extra

Movie DVD/BD releases:
Soukyuu no Fafner – 09/21
Onigamiden – 09/28
Macross F – 10/20
Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below – 11/25


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