As usual, I’m looking for ways to improve the chart. The main thing that’s bugging me is the OVA / special / whatever section. It just seemed way too bloated and clunky. What I’m trying is new OVAs and movies get images, anything else is just put into a text list. The main reason is because new OVAs are, well, new. They have more importance, so they should have a nice little image. The only people that would care about continuations are people that have watched the previous ones, so there’s no point to including an image other than to make everything have an image (Yes, you could say the same about second seasons of TV anime, but those are TV anime and the things people actually look at charts for. Again, more importance). DVD specials, same deal (I hate adding these, by the way. Half of them are just shorts that never get subbed to begin with). Movie releases are important (also because I don’t include the theater date), so that’s that.

Also, this is a shitton easier for me ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌


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