Let’s see, what’s left to add

-The otoge mentioned before
-Battlespirit heroes
-Something called “Peeping Life -The Perfect Extension-”
-That one anime with adlibbing
-Original OVA called Waza no Tabibito by Kenichi’s mangaka

Mostly minor things or things that everyone knows only really get added for completion’s sake. I guess I’ll add them and post a new chart this weekend or so anyways (it’s a slippery slope to not add shit I think most people don’t care about and eventually just turns into my tastes > your tastes / I AM THE LAW, but I really have to wonder if the people interested in B Da Man would look at seasonal anime charts to begin with).

By the way, scryed alteration plays in theaters first. You don’t get to watch it until winter unless you happen to live in japan.


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