I don’t really want to update the fall one. While there is stuff to add (Read: two things, the towa movies), it’s already so close to the (actual) start of the season that it would just seem like an inconvenience to people to have to save a new one now for something that’s relatively minor. I’ll decide tomorrow whether I do, just note that the only real changes are

Towa no Quon 3 – Oct.26

Towa no Qupn 4 – Nov.25

edit: I probably will release a new one in a few days, but for the most part you can just treat the one that’s out now as a “final”.

By the way, as it is becoming a new trend to release charts a season early to my chargin, enjoy! (I started working on this two or three weeks ago, so don’t think I just whipped it up) Apparently the Dantalian OVA was canceled, but it’s on moonphase under a later date. will look into later.


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