Winter v2

So there I was, thinking “Hm, maybe I should try and come up with something new instead of using the same, sorta bland looking template”. Then I redid it after having already redone it like two times. Good thing I actually like doing shit like this or I probably would have killed myself a short while ago.

Changelist after break

Poyo Poyo
Senhime Symphogear
Kill Me Baby
Mouretsu Pirates
Amagami SS Plus

*This is listed under 2012新春 in moonphase. Most dictionaries I try label it as “New Years”, but some also say “spring”. It’s also called “early 2012” by some English sites, which also sorta muddles it. I think I saw it on a moon winter chart, so there’s also that. For now, it goes on and if it turns out to be spring it gets kicked off.

Holy Knight
IS Encore
R-15 date?
Ai no Kusabi
All three ufotable OVAs (Gyo, Minori Scramble, Yuri Seijin) were apparently pushed back. Blame F/Z.

Towa no Quon 5 (Subs for 2 fukken where)
FMA Movie

Lupin Special
+A bunch of other things


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