Spring 2014 v5

spring-2014-v5  So there are actually four undated series, but yeah. Those will (hopefully) be added in whenever they get dated, but besides that there’s spring for you.


4 thoughts on “Spring 2014 v5

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  2. It’s worth noting that two shows are missing from the line-up (one which is missing from all these type of charts). One is Tenkai Knights, which although has aired overseas first, is a full Japanese production and should be listed. The current air date for it is on TV Tokyo April 5th, 2014 at 9AM. The second show, which I’ll understand for not being listed, is the Japanese air date for Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures, or as it’s being called in Japan, Pac-World. The series is a Canadian-Japanese co-production, where production duties were split between the countries involved. Notably, Lantis was involved with the music production, OLM Digital for co-producing and animating the show, and with Moto Sakakibara doing the Direction. The show also starts airing on several networks in Japan, April 5th, beginning on Tokyo MX at 6:30PM, and BS11 at 7PM, with reruns to be regulated to Disney XD.

  3. Tenkai Knights has been a weird “should I / shouldn’t I” thing for me, since, as you mentioned, it had some weird airing schedule where it aired in the West first so I wasn’t sure if I should have included (even though it is produced by Bones). You’re probably right though in that it should be there (and conveniently, I need to remove locodol anyways so the thing doesn’t need to be even bigger than it already is).

    I feel like I’ve seen Pac-Man on moonphase’s list since like two years ago but it’s actually a thing? Huh. It is another weird case though, though I’d probably lean towards leaving it off (obviously for the reasons you mentioned and not because I don’t want to include another row with one thing on it…)

    Thanks for the input! (And sorry about the late reply, I’ve been busy with school matters)

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