Summer Anime 2014 Chart v5 (Final)

Alright, here’s the last revision for summer that I’ll be doing. Apologies for being a little late on this, I’ve been watching a lot of wrestling and watching Steam like a hawk very busy with a lot of important matters (wait, this is actually true; I’ve been learning how to break free from WordPress’s evil grasp). All dates have been added (okay fine there’s one that I didn’t add, but I can’t wait for it anymore especially considering what it is), some key visuals have been updated and a couple of new OVAs have been added (to my supreme displeasure as I had to make the thing bigger to accommodate for them) and Gundam-san has been added. Also, I’ve added a list of theatrical movie premieres in the notes section; I’m still keeping BD releases the main focus on my chart, but there’s no particular harm in including theater premieres with text.

I should hopefully be getting started on the fall chart sometime this week or next week, so look forward to that!

summer-2014-v5Additionally, here’s a higher quality version (read: saved at 100 instead of the ~60 in photoshop’s save to web quality slider). Someone asked for a higher resolution version, and I’d be fine with releasing one if I could keep the quality the same, but pumping the res artifacts the images too much. Sorry! I hope this makes up for it.



4 thoughts on “Summer Anime 2014 Chart v5 (Final)

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