Autumn Anime Chart 2014 v4

With a day off from work and every autumn series dated besides two of them, it seems that now’s a good time to release a new revision. This one is primarily just adding dates with a few key visual changes, though there’s one series gone and one series added. Originally, I had Absolute Duo on here due to two sources, one being this blog post and the other being 8-bit’s site which lists it as a 2014 series. At this point with no PV or confirmed autumn air date, I decided the best choice for now would be to remove it. In its place is a series with a very long title that I had to crunch together to get it to fit into the box.

There will be one last update when Donten ni Warau and YY wa Y de Aru get announce dates, but besides those I think that’s it.



2 thoughts on “Autumn Anime Chart 2014 v4

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