Winter Anime Chart 2015 v2.5

Hi! Here’s the new revision for winter I meant to get out yesterday, I was super sleepy and decided to take a nine hour nap some important stuff came up so I decided to leave it for today. Updates include adding in Kamisama Hajimemashita, Ketsugikata-kun, Falcom Gakuen and Sengoku Musou for TV series and Aikatsu and Yowamushi Pedal for continuations.



3 thoughts on “Winter Anime Chart 2015 v2.5

  1. Hey Zektr/Lunardays!

    You’re giving all your chart releases unique version names. How would you feel about keeping an additional fixed name file per season that’s easier to hotlink to (like You would have to replace the file whenever you release a new version though, so that would be extra work for you :/
    Just an idea, nothing vital.
    Keep up the great work, you’re my first stop for anime schedules…

    cheers, nomo

    • Hey!

      I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but either wordpress.”com” is bonky or I’m really stupid so I can’t figure out how to do so. There’s no option to just replace images at a URL, and if I delete an old image and upload a new one with the same filename it just renames it to [filename]1.jpg instead of uploading to the old URL (this was something that annoyed me to no end when I’ve had to quickly make a correction and upload it, since the URL would look dumb if I just left it). I dunno if there’s a way to get around it on .com but I just sorta dealt with it even though it’s not optimal.

      At the very least I can try and start renaming them to something that’s less clunky than what I’ve been using!

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