Spring v6

I was up early for that Persona 5 trailer today (which looks so good jesus CHRIST) and there were some things to do for spring, so what better way to spend my morning?

Updates: Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold added, OVA/Specials section fixed up (added whether it was an OVA or special, fixed the gloss a bit), added Grisaia and WIXOSS specials, added SNK and Sidonia recap movies, added continuing series from winter.

Spring6Now go watch that P5 trailer while I go watch that P5 trailer for the 20th time.


Spring 2015 v5

This is the one where I try to add OVAs and movie DVDs. Also, new TV series include Plastic Memories (I’m looking forward to this one) and Narudoma.


Spring 2015 v3

Somehow I forgot to add Owari no Seraph when it was one of the first ones I actually edited. Well, with Arslan Senki and Vampire Holmes also not being on the last version here’s an excuse to get a new version out.

Spring3Also, a note on winter: I’d like to release one last version with full episode dates for completionist’s sake, but I dunno when that’ll be.

Spring 2015 V2

For this season, I’m going to try and just put revisions out way quicker and more frequently, which is why there’s a V2 for a season that doesn’t start for 2-3 months a week after the V1. I wonder how high the revision number will go?Spring2I’ll say though, 35 series and it’s not even January yet? Jeez.