Summer 2015 v2

Before this crashes and burns due to my incompetence though, here’s summer v2 because 10 series is a ridiculous amount of new things. An update two days after a previous update is fine in this case.


Summer 2015 v1

Since there’s still practically nothing to change for spring (5 dates missing), I figured hey might as well do summer. Seeing as how there’s already a whopping 24 series confirmed, I do not feel bad about releasing this before any of the spring anime have actually started airing.


Summer 2015 Rough Work

rough-work-summer-RecoveredI seem to have hit a roadblock while working on the rough draft for summer and can’t decide between a light or dark layout, so clearly the best option is to leave it up to you! Note that I’m still working on getting things how I want them, so some bits may change. Generally though this is probably what I’ll be using next season.

(Also don’t mind the aspect ratio on the white image I just didn’t care enough to fix it while brainstorming)